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Empowering Buyers Through Education

Linda Kramer is exclusively working for you, to buy at the best price with the best conditions favoring you.  The team is constantly checking the state of the market in numerous locations every single day to ensure that you do not purchase a potentially low performing, slow growing, below average property!

Complete Property Service

With over 41 years experience in the local real estate market, my mission is to provide a complete, end-to-end property purchase service. You need an expert to help navigate through the property buying process. Linda’s team wants to partner with them now and with all the properties to come. Whether it’s for wealth, retirement, family or security Linda helps her clients build and invest in their future.

Service Features

Your Needs

Understanding your needs as a homeowner are very important.  Linda takes the time to understand where you are in your journey and help asses and recognize your needs in a home.  No matter if you are a growing family, retiree, or simply looking for another adventure Linda is equipped with the right questions to discover your needs and find a home for you. 

Your Wants

Wants and needs are different and Linda helps you navigate between the two when searching for the perfect Western Colorado home.  After your needs are discovered the desires of your dream home are used to find the home that will fit both.  Linda capabilities to find everything you want and need in a home are unmatched and hundreds of families have entrusted her over the years to do so.  


Having an expert negotiation on your side is vital to buying a home in Western Colorado.  Linda has a skill set of negotiation that will allow you to rest easy knowing she has your best interest in mind.  Powerful negotiation can make or break a real estate deal and Linda will go to the negotiation table ready to get you the most for you money.  

Local Expert

Not everyone can say they are a Western Colorado Expert, but Lindas years of experience in this market and local awareness gives her an advantage many people won’t have.  She is involved with builders, city planners, business owners and many other influential people to give her the inside track on what is happening in our valley. 

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